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Dangerous Scaffold Accidents in Brooklyn

December 10, 2021
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In a recent year, the BLS reported 880 incidents of falls (most of them related to scaffolding accidents), which resulted in deaths in various construction sites nationwide. Just this July 2021, two construction workers were trapped in a construction accident at Lincoln Road Brooklyn. The brick wall and part of the ceiling suddenly collapsed while the building was being demolished, bringing down the roof on top of the workers.

The workers were pinned between the brick wall, the floor, and the roof. The rescuers had to secure and shore up the site before pulling out the workers. It took them about two and half hours to safely remove both workers. Both workers suffered severe injuries and were taken to the hospital for emergency treatment.

It’s important to note that the Department of Buildings (DOB) had issued several citations earlier that month for various construction maintenance violations.

Why Scaffold Accidents in Brooklyn Still Happen

The scaffolding rules and regulations that OSHA requires are clear. However, bad habits could be difficult to break. 61 construction workers fell from scaffolds and to their deaths in one year, and approximately 4,500 construction site injuries result from scaffolding accidents every year. Likewise, in the construction industry, most of the Top 10 reported OSHA violations were linked to fall protection:

  • Improper or incorrect usage of portable ladders
  • Residential fall protection, insufficient guardrails, and/or inadequate use of fall arrest systems, including on aerial lifts
  • Lack of fall hazard protection for open-sided edges and floors
  • Insufficient fall protection training for workers
  • Unprotected or unguarded scaffolding

Scaffolding accidents primarily involve workers falling from high heights, falling materials because of equipment failure, incorrect operating procedures, and environmental conditions. But most are a result of the following human errors:

  • Improper or insufficient work, construction, and site rules
  • Inadequate on-the-job training or experience
  • Insufficient fall protection
  • Weak planking
  • Ignoring safety rules
  • Defective equipment
  • Non-existent or insecure bracing
  • Faulty attachment points

In addition, major scaffold failures happen due to overloaded scaffolds. Workers frequently exposed to various scaffold dangers include scaffold dismantlers and erectors, those working on the scaffolds, other workers in the construction site, and people passing by the scaffolding.

Dismantlers and erectors are especially at risk for major injuries because they work on the scaffolding before any ladders, planks, platforms, and guardrails are completely installed.

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