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New York City Cargo-Related Truck Accident Lawyers

We share our roads with the massive trucks that fuel our consumer-driven economy. These trucks transport consumer goods all across this great big nation, but when they are involved in accidents, those accidents tend to be extremely dangerous. Some of these serious truck accidents are related to issues with the very cargo that these trucks transport. If you have been injured in a cargo-related truck accident, don’t delay consulting with an experienced New York City personal injury attorney today.

Accidents Involving Cargo

Semi-trucks carry huge hauls, and these hauls must be loaded safely, accurately, and securely to help ensure that they don’t contribute to dangerous truck accidents. Cargo accidents are typically divided into the following categories:

  • Accidents related to improper loading (when the contents of the trailer are unevenly, insecurely, or otherwise dangerously loaded).
  • Accidents related to cargo spills or falling cargo (sometimes caused by inadequate locking mechanisms and sometimes precipitated by an accident – or both)
  • Accidents related to toxic spills (these are the most potentially dangerous cargo-related accidents)

When accidents are cargo-related, they tend to be especially dangerous.

Accidents Related to Improper Loading

The heavy loads that semis transport must be loaded according to exacting standards to help ensure that the physics of the matter don’t contribute to or directly cause accidents. When a fully-loaded 18-wheeler takes a curve or an exit, it must be braced to do so safely, and when its cargo is not properly secured and/or loaded, it can lead to a rollover, which is the deadliest type of traffic accident.

Accidents Related to Cargo Spills or Falling Cargo

The cargo within a tractor-trailer must also be secured safely, and when it isn’t, it can lead to dangerous spills or falling cargo. When a heavy load of cargo drops or spills from a semi’s trailer, the inherent danger is obvious. Upcoming traffic often has no recourse other than to attempt to avoid the obstacles on the road in whatever ways it can, which often means choosing between dangerous and even more dangerous options. These spills tend to lead to multiple accidents and accidents involving multiple vehicles.

Accidents Related to Toxic Spills

Some 18-wheelers haul liquids and gasses, and some of these loads are toxic. When such a truck leaks its contents, it can endanger not only everyone on the road but also everyone in the vicinity. Such leaks are generally precipitated by a truck accident that damages the tank, allowing the contents to spill out. 

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Cargo-related accidents are serious accidents that often lead to complicated claims. The dedicated personal injury attorneys at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman in NYC have legal roots reaching back 80 years, and we’re committed to skillfully advocating on behalf of your rights and for compensation that covers the full range of your financial, physical, and emotional damages. We care about your case, so please don’t hesitate tocontact or call us at 212-285-3300 for more information today.


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