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Queens Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers

Commercial Trucking Accident Lawyers in Queens Helping Victims Recover Compensation

Large commercial vehicles move in and out of Queens daily. These vehicles transport product, furniture, and clothing to our stores, and carry goods to other parts of the state and nation. If you have been out on the road, you have seen these large commercial vehicles dominate the road.

However, commercial trucks are also dangerous. Given their size, they can cause devastating injuries when they collide with passenger sedans or pedestrians. At Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, we have represented clients with personal injuries caused by the following types of vehicles.

Tractor Trailers

Also called “big rigs” or 18 wheelers, tractor trailers typically haul goods for long distances. They are made up of two parts—a cab and a longer trailer in which the goods are stored. Tractor-trailers are vulnerable to many types of accidents, including:

  • Because they are narrow and high, a tractor-trailer has a high center of gravity, which makes them prone to rolling on their side.
  • The trailer can swing out at a 90-degree angle to the cab, striking vehicles in adjacent lanes.
  • The truck that cannot stop in time will ride up onto a vehicle in front of it. In serious overrides, the truck rides into the back seat.
  • A smaller vehicle might slide underneath the back or side of a trailer. Most 18-wheelers have safety bars that should prevent underrides, but these bars are often defective or missing altogether.

A commercial truck accident lawyer in Queens can review your collision to identify who or what is to blame.

Delivery Vehicles

Trucks for UPS, Fed Ex, DHL, and the post office have a unique “boxy” look. These vehicles are very difficult for drivers to maneuver and have large blind spots. Delivery trucks can be seen making deliveries at all hours of the day in Queens, and some drivers are careless in how they operate them. For example, the driver might fail to stop in time and crash into pedestrians.

Moving Trucks

U-Haul and other moving trucks carry furniture and personal goods for people moving in or out of Queens. Often, a person rents a U-Haul without ever having driven one before and can make many errors behind the wheel.

Sanitation Vehicles

Our city is plagued with accidents involving public and private sanitation trucks. Drivers have struck pedestrians, with many drivers fleeing the scene. Many companies do not perform proper maintenance on their trucks, which can lead to accidents.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks have a box in the back that can be elevated to allow materials to slide out the bottom of the box. These vehicles haul materials like gravel and sand to many construction sites. One problem with dump trucks involves material flying out of the back of the dump truck, especially if workers do not use a tarp to hold everything inside the box.

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Many accidents involving commercial vehicles stem from negligent drivers or inadequate repairs. If you have been injured, you could receive compensation for your injuries. Please contact us at 917-268-0344 to find out more information.


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