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New York City Product Recall Attorneys

Our product recall attorneys represent innocent consumers that have been harmed in cases involving product recalls; among them – food recalls, auto recalls and drug recalls.

Each year, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports between two hundred and three hundred product recalls are made. Product recalls are made because items are found to be hazardous. Unfortunately food recalls, auto recalls and drug recalls are often only made after someone is seriously injured and possibly even fatally injured by harmful products.

Food Recalls

Food recalls are issued by a manufacturer or distributor when the food is found to be harmful to humans or animals. Products that result in food recalls are often sold and consumed before they are recalled, which means that innocent people may have already suffered health problems because of them.

Food, pet food, and farm animal feed may lead to food product recalls if it causes repeated problems. Contamination of some sort is the main cause of food recalls. Many health problems may arise from contaminated products that carry a potential for fatal food borne illnesses.

Auto Recalls

Auto recalls are issued by the manufacturer when auto parts or auto vehicles are found to be unsafe or potentially dangerous. Auto product recalls can be due to the product’s ability to inflict severe injury or, in some extreme cases, death.

Before buying a vehicle it is important to check to see if any of its parts have been recalled. You should also check for any new auto product recalls even after the vehicle has been purchased to avoid any potential problems. You may find auto product recalls via the Internet. Most auto product recalls are minor, but some can lead to serious or fatal injury.

Drug Recalls

Drug recalls are issued by the manufacturer or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) when prescription drugs are found to have caused or have the potential to cause harmful side effects. Product recalls for prescription drugs are particularly dangerous because they are often not issued until there has been a pattern of serious injury or death due to the drug. Recalls often occur after the fact – after innocent people have suffered severe side effects.

Though drugs must be tested before they become FDA approved, the series of tests often involve a limited test group, which puts anyone outside this test group at risk. Most drug testing is conducted on young adults in good health. The elderly are especially at risk because our bodies change as we age. Most drugs come with specific dosing instructions for children, but not for elderly people, which can also be the cause of serious health issues and may lead to product recalls of prescription drugs.

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