Plumbers Face Dangerous Accidents

January 2 2020

Most of us don’t think about the work that plumbers do – until we need one in a plumbing emergency. The fact is, however, that plumbing can be very dangerous work. Plumbers regularly engage in activities that leave them vulnerable to dangerous accidents. If you’re a plumber who’s been injured on the job, you need the professional legal services of an experienced Brooklyn personal injury attorney on your side.

Everyday Dangers

A plumber can be injured on the job in any number of ways, but accidents that happen in the course of one’s daily work are most common. These can include:

Hazardous Materials and Chemicals

Plumbers are continually exposed to toxic chemicals and substances. These toxins can be carcinogenic, capable of causing intense chemical burns, and capable of emitting noxious fumes that put plumbers at risk of serious respiratory damage. Plumbers must take careful precautions to protect their eyes, skin, and lungs from such dangers as:

Exposure to the Biohazards of Sewage

Raw sewage – and soil and water contaminated by raw sewage – pose a serious threat to plumbers. Because plumbers work directly with sewage pipes and septic systems, they are extremely vulnerable to infections born of biohazards, including bacteria, funguses, parasites, and viruses. There are a variety of diseases associated with these biohazards that can seriously compromise a plumber’s health.

If You’re a Plumber Who’s Been Injured at Work, Consult with an Experienced Brooklyn Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

Plumbing is dangerous work that can lead to serious injuries. The experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman in Brooklyn understand exactly how difficult being injured on the job can be and are committed to helping injured workers like you obtain the compensation necessary to achieve optimal recovery. Ours is one of the most well-established firms in the New York City area, and our workers’ comp lawyers are on your side. To schedule a free consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 212-285-3300 today.