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The natural environment provides many hazards that increase the chances that someone will slip and fall, even indoors. At our firm, we meet with people regularly who have suffered terrible injuries after a fall, and many identify natural hazards as the reason they lost their balance.

If you have fallen and hurt yourself, give us a call. One of our Brooklyn slip and fall attorneys can review whether you have a valid case.


Brooklyn doesn’t get as much snow as other parts of the country, but it gets enough for snow to pose a slip and fall hazard. When snow is packed down, it can become very hard and slick. Packed snow is also dangerous immediately after a snowstorm when a fluffier layer might deceptively lie on top. Someone who is not careful can end up slipping and landing on their back.

Black Ice

Black ice gets its name from the fact that the ice appears black, not white. However, the ice is thin and transparent. When on a road, black ice simply shows the black asphalt underneath. At night, black ice is almost impossible to detect, when driving or if crossing a sidewalk or parking lot on foot.

It is very easy to slip on black ice and hurt yourself. The fact that the ice is hard to see does not relieve business owners and other property owners of keeping their premises safe. The owner should put down sand or salt to melt the ice if he expects visitors onto his property.


Even if rain doesn’t freeze, it can still cause slipperiness. Rain that collects on carpets near the entrance to a store can cause the carpet to become very slick. Rain can also tear down leaves from trees, which are quite slick and can cause someone to slip. Patrons also can tramp rain into a store, where it pools on the floor and creates a very dangerous hazard to others.


Sometimes condensation forms on the floor, depending on the weather. A store owner, for example, should be aware of when and where condensation forms and take steps to counteract it. Perhaps the building needs better insulation, or store staff should mop up the condensation or put down carpets. If the owner does nothing, and the condensation is regularly occurring, then the store owner can be liable if someone slips.


Running water can carefully erode natural pathways. Running water through culverts can also eat away at sidewalks or the side of the road. A pedestrian can quite easily misplace their foot and end up taking a tumble.

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After falling, you should immediately seek medical attention to treat your injuries. Make a visit with a slip and fall attorney your next stop after being discharged from the hospital.

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