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Ladder Defects Can Lead to Serious Accidents

October 1 2019

Ladder safety is critical on job sites. If ladders are placed too close to power lines, for example, then workers can be electrocuted if the ladder moves slightly. Most job sites should have detailed rules for how to set up and use a ladder safety, and workers must follow these regulations.

But even the most careful worker can be injured by a defective ladder. Sometimes ladder defects are hidden and impossible to uncover. A worker only knows that something is wrong when the ladder fails, and he goes pinwheeling toward the ground.

If you’ve been injured in a ladder accident, then a defect might be to blame. Contact a Queens construction accident attorney to review your case.

Common Defects

A ladder can be defective in manufacture or design. If you visit the Consumer Protection Safety Commission’s Recall website, you will see that many ladders have been recalled over the years for defects that endanger workers.

● Some of the more common include:

● Rotted rungs

● Loose steps

● Defective no-slip feet

● Frame weakness

● Defective hinges that fail to lock

Any of these defects can cause a worker to fall off the ladder or for the ladder to collapse or move on its own. A worker is therefore vulnerable to falling a great distance to the ground, where he can suffer fractures, brain injuries, and much more.

How to Check for a Defect

You should inspect all ladders before using them. You might notice that something is wrong, in which case you can swap out the defective ladder for one that looks safe.

However, you might only first know that the ladder is defective when you fall to the ground or when the ladder collapses. After the accident, it is critical that you make sure that the ladder is preserved and not tossed into the garbage bin. Your attorney can work with an expert to identify what was wrong with the ladder and whether this defect caused the accident.

Receiving Compensation

If you were injured because of a defective ladder at a job site, then you might be able to sue the manufacturer. New York’s product liability law allows victims to receive compensation even if they personally did not purchase the defective product. Under a strict products liability theory, a plaintiff does not even need to prove that the manufacturer was careless in design or manufacture. It is enough that a defective product was placed in the stream of commerce and that it injured you.

Bringing a claim against a manufacturer is often ideal because workers’ compensation laws cut off most lawsuits against an employer. Workers’ comp benefits do not fully reimburse a worker for all his losses, but a lawsuit can increase the amount of compensation a worker can receive.

Contact a Queens Construction Accident Lawyer Today

After a ladder accident, you are probably shaken. The sooner you can contact an attorney to help you, the better. At Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, we have helped countless workers injured in ladder accidents, and we want to help you, too. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation by calling 212-285-3300.

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