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First Steps after a Ladder Fall While on the Job New York City

28 Jan 2019

Falling from a ladder is a common workplace injury in certain occupations. According to federal government statistics, in 2011 falls at work resulted in 113 deaths and around 15,000 injuries serious enough to cause a person to miss at least one day from work. If you’ve been injured in a fall from a ladder, you’re likely experiencing considerable pain and stress, but you need to remember to take the following steps to protect your right to compensation.

Notify Your Employer of the Fall

New York requires that most employers carry workers’ compensation insurance. This policy will pay benefits for all reasonably necessary medical care and, in certain situations, disability benefits if you cannot return to work. The benefits are no-fault, which means it doesn’t matter if you are to blame for your own injuries.

However, injured workers need to notify their employer as soon as possible after an accident. Try to notify your employer before getting medical care or immediately after receiving it. Doing so helps preserve your right to workers’ compensation. It also can protect your coworkers from suffering a similar injury, since your employer can address any safety issues.

Get Prompt Medical Care

Depending on the height of the fall, you could suffer serious injuries. Our construction accidents attorneys in New York City have seen all kinds of injuries, including:

  • Dislocated joints

  • Fractures

  • Nerve damage

  • Sprains

  • Strains

  • Traumatic brain injuries

  • Back injuries

  • Paralysis

After a severe fall, go immediately to your doctor or the hospital. By receiving immediate medical care, you can give yourself the strongest chance of making a recovery. Even if you feel okay, symptoms can sometimes be slow to develop.

At the hospital, tell your doctor that you fell from a ladder and estimate the height. Your doctor will ask you other questions to try and assess the extent and severity of your injuries.

Identify Witnesses

Witnesses can help establish what happened that led to the fall. For example, the ladder might have moved, causing you to tumble to the ground. A witness probably had a better view of what happened than you did while you were on the ladder. Make a mental note of anyone who witnessed your fall.

Save the Ladder

The workers’ compensation system protects your employer from a lawsuit. However, you might be able to sue third parties who are responsible for injuring you, such as the manufacturer of the ladder if it malfunctioned. To determine whether the ladder had a defect, your New York City construction accidents attorney will need to look at it. For this reason, you need to ask someone to save the ladder while you get medical care.

Speak with a New York City Construction Accidents Attorney

To identify all sources of available compensation after a fall, you should speak to an attorney. At Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, our team has helped many injured construction workers receive compensation. We have obtained over $800 million for our injured clients, and we are anxious to help you, too. To speak with one of our construction accidents lawyers in New York City, please contact us by calling 212-285-3300 to schedule a free consultation.

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