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New York City Gas Explosion Lawyers

Injury Lawyers in New York City Helping Individuals Hurt in Gas Explosions

Gas explosion accidents are rare. But when they do occur, they can cause devastating injuries to both construction workers and to nearby innocent bystanders. Queens has seen many gas explosions, such as the explosion that injured 17 people in 2008 when a fire tore through a Queens apartment building.

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Why Gas Explosions Occur

A gas explosion occurs after gas leaks from a gas pipeline, tank, or other container and then contacts an ignition source. This ignition can be flames, sparks, or static electricity. When construction workers are at a job site, any number of things can serve as an ignition, including a blow torch.

Gas should not escape from a tank or other container, and when it does, injured victims need to understand why. Often, a faulty pipeline or tank is to blame. They might have been manufactured or installed improperly, which causes the gas to escape. Other defects are present in manufacturer or design, even if the pipeline or tank has been installed properly.

At a construction job site, an error made by a worker could damage the gas pipeline, such as when an excavator digs up earth near the line. In some situations, a coworker is to blame for the gas escaping.

Gas Explosion Injuries

The most obvious injuries are burns. In an explosion, a victim can suffer serious burns over a large area of their body. In many cases, these types of burns are fatal. Because construction workers are not expecting the gas explosion, they are not wearing fire-resistant clothing and therefore can be badly injured.

Other people might be injured if a structure collapses because of the explosion. In this case, people can be injured by falling debris or if they fall from the building and land on the ground.

Injuries Associated with Gas Explosions

Gas explosions cause serious injuries which are difficult to recover from. Many people suffer:

  • Fractures. An explosion can throw a person across a room or outside of a building, leading to broken bones anywhere on the body.
  • Concussion or other traumatic brain injury (TBI). Any knock to the head can cause a TBI, which will lead to impaired bodily function or memory.
  • Burns. Second- and third-degree burns can require corrective surgery such as skin grafts. When skin melts, it constricts movement, and some victims require extensive physical therapy to try and walk or feed themselves again.

Gas explosion injuries can cost individual victims thousands of dollars in medical treatment. A construction worker might also miss months of work after a gas explosion.

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