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Brooklyn Trip and Fall Lawyers

Personal Injury Attorneys in Brooklyn Representing the Rights of Trip and Fall Victims

Falls are one of the leading causes of injuries in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 800,000 people are admitted to the hospital because of a fall, suffering from very serious injuries. When people fall from a great height, they can suffer life-altering injuries, even death.

Our lawyers are committed to holding property owners responsible when some defect on the property causes a fall. Please speak with a Brooklyn trip and fall attorney for more information about your case.

Trip Hazards

People can trip at home, on the job, or in public. There are many potential hazards, but some of the leading are:

  • Cables that crisscross the floor, such as power cords
  • Uneven floorboards or carpeting
  • Debris
  • Unshelved boxes
  • Fallen branches
  • Potholes

It is unrealistic to expect people to always be watching their feet as they walk. For this reason, landlords and property owners need to correct any hazards in a prompt manner. If boxes fall off a shelf, for example, they should either pick them up or cordon off the area to keep customers away.

In some cases, property owners must perform regular inspections of their properties to ensure that they have found hazards. When property owners fail to do this, they are often liable to victims for their injuries.

Compensation for a Trip and Fall Accident

The premises owner should have insurance that can cover a trip and fall. This is certainly true of businesses in Brooklyn, such as stores and restaurants, all of which should have necessary liability insurance as a precondition for getting a business license. This policy can cover injuries when the premises owner did not use reasonable care in keeping the property safe. This is called negligence, and a negligent landowner is legally liable when someone falls due to a trip.

If you fell in someone’s home or apartment, they might have homeowners or renter’s insurance. This type of policy is often required if the owner has a mortgage.

If you tripped in a public building, then the government should also have a policy in place to pay injured victims. Suing a Brooklyn government agency is complicated, and you should meet with an attorney as soon as possible.

No one should assume obtaining compensation is easy. Instead, you will need a lawyer who can build an airtight case that the premises owner was negligent in some way.

Protecting Your Rights

The number one thing that a victim can do to bolster their case is to get a picture of the hazard that caused them to trip. You want documentary proof that the hazard existed because some premises owners might quickly fix the property soon after you are injured. If you tripped in a pothole in the parking lot, for example, you don’t want the owner to quickly fill in the pothole the very next day.

Use your smartphone or ask someone to use theirs. Getting at least a couple of pictures of the hazard is key.

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