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Brooklyn Staircase & Stairwell Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury Lawyers in Brooklyn Helping Victims of Staircase Injuries Recover Compensation

Accidents in stairwells can be terrifying, especially when they send people tumbling to the ground. At Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, our lawyers have helped many people injured in staircase or stairwell accidents get the compensation they need. Because each accident is different, it is vital that an injured victim consult with an attorney to review the facts of their case. Not all falls or other accidents support a lawsuit, but some do.

Types of Accidents We Handle

A hazardous staircase or stairwell can cause all sorts of accidents, including

The reasons for the accident will depend on the circumstances. For example, improper repair or poor lighting can lead to falls, when either the stairs give way or people cannot see where to place their feet. Other stairs are missing guardrails or handrails. Puddles of liquid on the stairs can also make staircases slippery.

Other accidents could be due to negligent safety measures. For example, a stairwell might not have a locked door, which allows anyone off the street to access the stairs. A person could be surprised by a violent attack in this situation. Other stairwells might not have adequate sprinkler or fire-suppressant systems, which can lead to horrifying injuries if a fire occurs in a stairwell.

Traumatic Injuries in Staircase Accidents

When someone falls down the stairs, they suffer a violent impact with each step before landing in a heap on the ground. The risk of disability is very high in these accidents, and victims can suffer extremely serious injuries that can affect every part of their bodies. We regularly work with clients who have suffered various injuries, including:

If a fire breaks out in the stairwell, our clients could suffer serious burns that can lead to amputations, lung damage, and sometimes death.

Obtaining Compensation in a Brooklyn Staircase Accident Case

Stairwell and staircase accidents are examples of premises liability claims. These types of cases turn on identifying the hazard and determining if the property owners took reasonable to make the premises safe. Property owners do not guarantee the safety of visitors, so a client cannot sue simply because they were injured. Instead, they need to identify the hazard and determine whether a reasonable property owner would have fixed the problem or protected against it. Sometimes, a warning that a hazard exists is sufficient to protect visitors.

Premises liability claims can be brought by members of the public. So if you slipped on someone’s staircase, you don’t have to prove that you live at the property. It is enough that the owner knew you were there or should have expected your presence. Some people wrongly believe you must rent a piece of property before you can sue, but New York does not have that requirement.

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Our team has spent decades holding property owners in the city accountable when dangerous conditions harm members of the public. If you were injured on a staircase or in a stairwell, speak to a lawyer at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman today by calling 212-285-3300 or filling out this contact form. We have sued private landlords and government agencies.


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