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Catastrophic injuries can leave many victims with lifetime medical bills and other struggles, including problems returning to work and earning a living. A catastrophic injury is anything that limits a person's mobility or cognition and can include the following:

These and other catastrophic injuries can leave many of our patients with a lifetime of expensive medical bills and no way to pay them.

Challenges for Victims and Family Members

Caring for someone with a catastrophic injury is often frustrating. In addition to their physical or mental limitations, many accident victims struggle emotionally. They can "explode" at family members, who are ill-equipped to handle the sudden and dramatic changes in their loved ones.

Intense emotional distress often accompanies catastrophic injuries, and this distress warrants compensation. A person whose spouse has suffered a catastrophic injury can also experience unwelcome and permanent changes to their marital relationship, such as a loss of sexual intimacy or isolation. Fortunately, New York law lets spouses bring a “loss of consortium” claim to compensation for these negative changes.

How a Brooklyn Catastrophic Injury Attorney Can Help

The challenge with catastrophic injuries is receiving full and fair compensation for our client’s medical needs. These injuries typically require a lifetime of care, including future surgeries or rehabilitation. Some clients need an at-home attendant to help with chores around the home.

It is very easy for someone without legal training to agree to a settlement that is much too small. However, once a victim agrees to a settlement, they will likely sign away their right to bring a suit in the future for the same accident. Victims have one shot at getting the maximum compensation they can to pay for their future care.

A Brooklyn catastrophic injuries lawyer at our firm can meet to review your medical care and other expenses directly attributable to the accident that injured you. We can also identify who is to blame for the accident and negotiate a settlement with them. If negotiations break down, we can file a lawsuit in court.

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