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Uber accidents – and other rideshare accidents – are somewhat different than other kinds of car accidents and require a bit more attention. The fact is that Uber drivers are independent contractors, which means that they’re not actually employees of Uber itself, and this allows the massive rideshare company to wiggle out of a significant amount of liability when it comes to Uber accidents. If you’ve been injured in an Uber accident, speak with an experienced Bronx personal injury attorney today.

A Bit about Uber

Uber faced some pretty serious safety issues right out of the box. The company’s business plan was fast and loose to begin with, but over the years, it has taken several steps to improve customer safety. Some of the safety concessions Uber has made so far include:

While Uber has made some serious efforts to increase the safety of its passengers, it’s important to recognize that it did so only after encountering harsh criticism and facing serious consequences.

Your Uber Ride

When you get into your Uber ride – the one you conveniently conjured via that app on your phone – you’re putting your safety into the hands of an unknown driver in an unknown vehicle. Uber drivers are independent contractors who drive their own cars – this means you know little about the driver’s skill or the reliability of his or her vehicle. While taxis are by no means infallible, the drivers are screened and the vehicles are maintained and inspected by the taxi company. This means that, if you are injured in a cab accident, you can go after the cab company, but that isn’t the case with Uber accidents.

Your Uber Accident

Uber now carries insurance coverage on its Uber drivers, but even this is complicated, including:

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