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Bronx Slip and Fall Lawyers

Slip and Fall Lawyers in the Bronx Helping Victims Recover Compensation

A slip and fall accident may not sound like much, but it can actually be an extremely painful and extremely dangerous accident. Slip and falls refer to accidents in which you slip on something at a business or private property that leaves you injured. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, you need an experienced Bronx personal injury attorney on your side.

Slip and Falls: The Basics

When you enter a restaurant, a shopping mall, a grocery store, or any kind of business establishment, the property owner or manager owes you a reasonable duty of care. This means that he or she is responsible for maintaining the property in a manner that allows for safe passage. If you can show that it’s more likely than not that the property owner or manager should have reasonably known about the dangerous condition that left you injured but failed to do anything about it, he or she may be found legally responsible for those injuries. 

What Qualifies as Reasonable Care?

How exactly do you qualify a reasonable level of care? In fact, when it comes to answering this question you need the answers to several others, including:

  • Did the property owner in question employ his or her common sense in the matter?
  • Should he or she have known about the danger inherent to the situation that led to your slip and fall accident?
  • Did the property owner put a reasonable amount of effort into maintaining the property safely?

If a court would find that the property owner implemented the amount of care that most other reasonable property owners employ in similar circumstances, then he or she may be found to have fulfilled his duty to you. If not, however, he or she may be determined to be responsible for your injuries.

The Details of the Accident

Every slip and fall accident is unique to its own set of circumstances, but there are some basic details that must always be considered, including:

  • If your accident was caused by a walkway made slippery by inclement weather, did the property owner have time to recognize the danger and rectify the matter?
  • Does the business have a regular maintenance schedule – along with proof that the it closely adheres to that schedule?
  • Had the obstacle – whatever it was – ever contributed to another accident?
  • Was there a good reason for the obstacle to be where it was, and if not, did the property owner have time to safely remove it?
  • Should the property owner have put up a barrier or warning sign to inform customers about the potential danger?
  • Did poor lighting contribute to the slip and fall accident?

If the property was more inclined not to keep up with regular safety checks and maintenance, it makes his or her responsibility that much more likely.

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Slip and falls are dangerous accidents that can lead to serious injuries. If you’ve been so injured, the formidable personal injury attorneys at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman – proudly serving the Bronx – are committed to aggressively advocating for the compensation to which you are entitled. We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact or call us at 917-268-0344 for more information today.


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