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Bronx Demolition Accident Lawyers

Construction is constantly happening throughout the Bronx, and as often as new buildings are raised, many are demolished, making way for business and personal growth. This turnover brings new life to the city, but demolitions can be dangerous to the lives and livelihood of those working on the scene, or even to innocent people passing by.  When demolitions cause injuries, the Lipsig Firm is here to prosecute and hold the responsible parties accountable.

The Bronx demolition accident lawyers at the Lipsig Firm know how devastating the damages caused by demolitions can be. That’s why we’re here, to help those who have been injured in demolitions in the Bronx. We take care of your case while you heal.

Common Causes of Bronx Demolition Accidents

The causes of Bronx demolition accidents vary from case to case. Most often, demolitions are performed with care and consideration, and safety measures are taken. However, when safety precautions aren’t met, or if steps are overlooked, accidents can easily happen. Common causes of demolition accidents in the Bronx are:

  • Ill-prepared construction sites
  • Safety conditions that haven’t been met
  • Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) protocols that are ignored
  • Damaged or malfunctioning equipment
  • Equipment that has been left out in the elements, rendering it unsuitable to use
  • Improper use of equipment
  • Warning signs that are not heeded
  • Missing safety equipment
  • Early or unexpected structure collapse, sometimes due to lack of support
  • Worker or company negligence

Other dangerous issues that can arise from demolitions are:

  • Oil spills that could result in fires or explosions
  • Flooding from improper demolition
  • Explosions from a gas line during demolitions
  • Electrical outages or surges from electrical wiring

Although demolitions are performed by professionals and are highly controlled, it’s impossible to control where things may fall. Usually, a radius and perimeter are set up surrounding a demolition, but not all debris will fall inside of the designated radius. This can lead to unexpected accidents and injuries.

Types of Injuries in Bronx Demolition Accidents

Injuries from demolition accidents can be extensive, and the results might be permanent. As demolition accident lawyers, we often see similar injuries in these cases because of the nature of demolition work.

  • Falls are very common in demolitions. Workers who are unaware of their position near a ledge, or who slip and trip from equipment, debris or spills on the ground, can incur terrible injuries.
  • Penetrating injuries can be caused by falling debris. These injuries might affect the head or brain, eyes, or internal organs.
  • Crushing injuries from debris that falls during a demolition can be extremely dangerous, resulting in internal damage, permanent limb and nerve damage, or even death.
  • Electric shock may occur from improperly grounded lines or unsafe equipment used during demolitions.
  • Lung injuries from inhaling the pulverized asbestos, dust, or fumes of a falling structure can lead to other illnesses.

Long-term injuries are possible from demolition accidents. These injuries might include:

  • Hearing loss or ear drum injuries
  • Lung injuries, as stated above, which may induce or exacerbate asthma or COPD
  • Injuries that affect mobility
  • Nerve damage from injuries
  • PTSD or emotional trauma resulting from the injury or accident

Long-term injuries may not be apparent immediately at the time of the accident, but can manifest months or even years down the line. These can reduce the ability of the injured person to work, lower the quality of life, and decrease life expectancy overall.

Are Only Construction Workers Involved in Demolition Accidents?

While most demolition accidents happen on a construction site, not every person who sustains construction injuries works in the industry. Someone passing by a site might experience:

  • Injuries from flying or falling debris
  • Lung injuries from breathing in demolition dust and fumes
  • Injuries sustained from scaffolding or ladders that are not properly maintained
  • Injuries from equipment, debris or tools that fall from construction sites

How Common Are Demolition Accidents in the Bronx?

The Bronx had 72 of the 554 construction injuries across New York in the past year, or almost 13%. With the continued expansion and new permits being granted across the city daily, injuries and incidents have been on the rise. It’s important to know that you can turn to the Bronx demolition accident lawyers at the Lipsig Firm for construction and demolition-related injuries.

What Happens If I’m Injured on the Job?

As a construction worker on a demolition job site, you’re at risk every day. While safety measures should be in place, sometimes they aren’t upheld and accidents happen. If you’ve been injured on the job, through either a worker’s error or a company oversight, the Bronx demolition accident lawyers at the Lipsig Firm will litigate on your behalf.

Who’s Responsible for My Injuries in a Demolition Accident?

Depending on the nature of the incident, various people may be liable for a demolition accident. A worker who made a mistake or did not follow the correct safety measures could be held accountable; in other cases, a company might be held liable for damages.

The Bronx demolition accident lawyers at the Lipsig Firm work to get to the bottom of your case to determine who is at fault. We have gone against companies and individuals who were responsible for construction accidents throughout the city, getting our clients millions in compensation.

What Damages Can I Receive in a Bronx Demolition Accident Claim?

The extent of your damages and the culpability of who’s liable determines your compensation. Depending on the extent of the injuries sustained, your case might receive:

  • Medical coverage for your current injuries, including surgeries
  • Medical coverage to rehabilitate injuries
  • Continuing coverage for your future medical care
  • Coverage for emotional damage incurred from the accident

Demolition accidents can be devastating, and the continuing medical bills can be astronomical, we work hard to help you receive coverage for your medical and continuing care costs.

Contact The Lipsig Firm for Demolition Accident Justice

We know how hard it can be to go through something as damaging as a demolition accident. That’s why the Bronx accident lawyers are here for you during this difficult time. We have the resources to go after the toughest cases, and we will treat you with the dignity you deserve.

If you have an injury that was caused by a demolition accident, The Lipsig Firm is here for you. Call us at 212-285-3300 to schedule a free consultation, or reach out to us online. Our Bronx demolition accident lawyers are ready to talk with you about your case.


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