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Bronx Boat Accident Lawyers

Between the East River, Jamaica Bay, and Upper and Lower Bays, New York is well-known for its magnificent waterways and exceptional boating and sailing opportunities.

That said, these activities come with inherent risks — not the least of those being other boaters. New York is among the top ten states where boating accidents happen the most frequently throughout the year, and that risk increases during high-traffic months when more people are on the water.
Boating accidents can cause severe, if not fatal, injuries. If you have experienced a boating accident or if a loved one has been injured or killed in a boating accident, the Bronx boat accident lawyers at Lipsig Firm are here to help you receive compensation.

How Common Are Boating Accidents in the Bronx?

Every year, boating accidents cause thousands of injuries and hundreds of casualties, with hundreds of those incidents occurring in New York. Statistically, most boating accidents occur in bays or ocean areas, rather than on lakes or rivers. Throughout 2021, specifically in the Bronx, nearly a dozen people were injured in boating accidents. Boating accidents often cost upwards of $100,000 in medical treatment.

The Causes of Most Bronx Boating Accidents

Most boating accidents are caused by careless or inexperienced boaters. It is essential that an experienced person is paying attention to the direction and speed of the boat, as well as any dangers on the waterways, at all times. Reckless behavior from other boaters can endanger you.

  • Distracted boat operators can be deadly. Just like driving a car, operating a boat needs the full attention of someone who is experienced.
  • Alcohol or drug use is responsible for many injuries and fatalities on the water. While some people take the opportunity to enjoy substances that alter their state of mind when boating, the operator of the boat needs to remain sober.
  • Going too fast on the waterways is as dangerous as going too fast on the highway. High speeds increase the likelihood of an operator error, collision with a stationary object like a dock, collision with land, or even collision with another boat.
  • Ignoring dangerous waters or inattention to warning signs while boating can lead to personal damages and injuries.

The Most Common Injuries in Boating Accidents

Boating injuries can range from mild to fatal. Even some accidents that seem minor can have huge repercussions, leading to lasting adverse health effects and costing hundreds or thousands of dollars in treatment.

Drowning or Near-Drowning

While drowning is the main cause of fatalities when boating, near-drowning may cause the victim lasting or permanent damage, depending on the length of time submerged.


Whiplash is especially common in collision accidents. Whiplash may occur at speeds as low as five to ten miles per hour.

Broken Bones

Slips or falls that occur from collisions or from being thrown overboard can cause devastating breaks or fractures.

Crushing Injuries

Collisions with other vessels or with stationary objects may cause crushing injuries. These injuries may be sustained because of the primary collision, or they could be caused through unsecured boating tools or accessories sliding during a collision, high waves, or sudden turns, causing injury to an unsuspecting passenger.


The reduced temperatures on the water make hypothermia dangerous for those involved in boating accidents, whether or not the individual entered the water. Keeping your core warm is essential to avoid hypothermia.

Top Reasons for Boating Injuries or Fatalities in the Bronx

  • Not wearing a life jacket hugely increases your risks during boating accidents. If the vessel you were on did not provide enough life jackets — or didn’t provide any at all — there may be grounds for a suit.
  • Collision with another boat is an extremely dangerous scenario. There might be plenty of water to go around, but collisions with other vessels have a high rate of injuries and fatalities. Collisions between boats can cause a jarring impact, injuring parties on both vessels. Depending on the speeds of each boat and where they collided (head-on collisions are especially dangerous), injuries may range from broken bones and fractures to whiplash to drowning.
  • Running aground, including running into rocks or even colliding with a shoal, can cause severe injuries. The impact may cause passengers on board to fall or slip, and in some cases the force of the impact may cause passengers to fall overboard.
  • Running into a dock or other stationary object, especially at high speeds, can have catastrophic complications and cause excessive physical damage.
  • Falling Overboard is one of the most dangerous things that can happen while boating. An individual might strike their head, shoulders, or back against the boat as they fall, rendering them incapacitated once they hit the water. If the boat is motorized, further damage to an individual may occur if they come into contact with any of the motorized gear.

Other dangers of boating include the boat capsizing, fires on deck, or even explosions from the boat’s engine.

Who’s Liable for My Injuries After a Bronx Boating Accident?

The question of liability for boating accidents depends on the specific situation. If the operator of the boat you or your loved one was riding was inattentive or incapacitated, they may be liable for any damages. If injuries were sustained in a collision, either one or both boat operators could be at fault. The Lipsig Firm works to investigate and assess your specific situation to ensure you’re entitled to full compensation for your injuries.

Contact the Bronx Boating Accident Attorneys at the Lipsig Firm

Everyone should be able to have a safe, enjoyable experience on the water.  The Lipsig Firm is here for you when those experiences don’t go as planned. If you or a loved one has been injured in a boating accident, reach out to our personal injury lawyers. We offer a first consultation at no charge to you and will work hard to secure compensation for your emotional and physical damages. Call us at 212-285-3300 to speak to us today, or contact us online so that we can help you through this difficult time.


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