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Construction Accidents in NYC: Despite Guidelines and Safety Measures

August 1, 2022
Construction site

Negligence in the workplace or job site must never be tolerated, whether it’s failing to provide workers with proper safety equipment, reckless excavation, unstable scaffolding, or failing to provide proper training to workers. Construction work is inherently dangerous, and construction workers must always feel as safe as possible when doing their job. Sadly, construction accidents still happen across NYC, and one accident can result in life-changing injuries and losses to an injured worker.

Construction Safety in NYC

The New York Department of Buildings (DOB) is responsible for ensuring the safety of all individuals that live, work, and build in NYC by regulating and implementing the lawful construction and use of more than a million buildings and construction zones throughout the city.

The DOB continuously works to elevate worksite safety standards by enacting rules, laws, and amendments to the Code to help ensure safety in worksites, public safety, and worker safety. The NYC Construction Codes’ Chapter 33 outlines the protections needed during demolition and construction work.

For example, the law requires, among other regulations, the erection of specific safety devices to safeguard against injuries resulting from gravity or falls from elevated work surfaces. Likewise, when a construction worker is required to perform work in various elevations, the law requires the installation of adequate and proper safety measures, such as netting, scaffolding, hoists, guardrails, bracers, or ladders. These safety devices must be placed properly to prevent falls and mitigate injuries from falls.

In addition, property owners, employers, contractors, subcontractors, and other relevant parties must report to the DOB all construction site accidents within three days of the incident date. Non-compliant parties will be penalized and risk legal action from injured workers and bystanders.

Recovering Compensation After an NYC Construction Accident

Most injuries resulting from NYC construction accidents are eligible for financial compensation. For instance, if you got injured while working on a construction site, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits through your employer. This is a no-fault system that enables injured workers to recover workers’ comp benefits regardless of what caused their injuries.

But many construction workers may also be entitled to compensation outside of the workers’ comp system. They may qualify for compensation through the following personal injury claims:

  • Claims based on NY Labor Law 241 for safety violations that resulted in a construction accident
  • Claims based on NY Labor Law 200 for accidents linked to unsafe working conditions
  • Claims based on NY Labor Law 240 based on falls from scaffolding, ladders, and roofs
  • Product liability claims due to defective machinery or heavy equipment
  • Highway construction zone accidents against a construction company, government entity, or motorists
  • Claims against negligent third parties other than their employers

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