The Dangers of Construction Zones and Why to Be On The Lookout

October 25, 2022
Accident at a construction site

Construction zones pose certain hazards that aren’t usually found in many other workplaces. Power tools and heavy machinery are typically required to perform construction tasks, and workers are constantly placed in hazardous places, like scaffolds and ladders, which elevate the risk of severe injury or death from falls. Because of the inherently hazardous nature of construction work, workers constantly place their lives at risk every single day on the job.

In addition to using heavy machinery, workers are normally forced to do their jobs as quickly as possible. These risks could result in catastrophic accidents that can put workers out of work for weeks, months, years, or maybe for life.

The Most Common Dangers in Brooklyn Construction Zones

OSHA considers construction zones as the most dangerous workplaces. Even construction accidents that don’t end in death account for thousands of injured construction workers. Common injuries suffered by construction workers can include multiple bone fractures, severe cuts and bruises, back injuries, head and brain injuries, spinal injuries, burns, amputations, paralysis, or death.

To safeguard construction workers from devastating accidents and injuries, OSHA enforces strict safety regulations for employers, employees, and construction zones. But accidents still occur due to negligence, indifference, and incompetence. This is where workers’ comp insurance law comes into play.

Workers’ compensation insurance safeguards construction workers who have been injured while working, regardless of who is at fault for the accident, by giving financial support for their lost earnings and medical expenses. The most common accidents prevalent in construction zones that are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits are:

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It’s also crucial to note that apart from workers’ compensation insurance, injured construction workers can likewise recover financial compensation against liable third parties in a personal injury claim. Schedule your free evaluation with the Brooklyn construction accident lawyer at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman by reaching us online or calling our office at 347-822-3937.