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Charles E. Wisell joined the Lipsig Firm in 2014. He brought with him more than twenty years’ experience of passionately representing the victims of motor vehicle crashes, dangerous construction sites, and dangerous premises. His focuses on cases where the reckless behavior of companies and individuals creates mayhem and inflicts catastrophic physical and emotional injuries or death on innocent people and their families.

Charles understands that careless and reckless choices affect our community at large and threaten the safety of everyone. The careless and reckless choices made by companies and individuals cause the systems that are in place to protect us to stop working. By representing the injured party, he prevents the careless and reckless conduct from happening again.

At home, he is the father of three children. He coaches youth sports including baseball and ice hockey. He also volunteers and provides support for impoverished communities.

He is fluent in Spanish and has appeared many times as guest legal speaker on CNN Español, NBC, CNN and Radio House. He has also been an invited guest lecturer in Honduras discussing legal matters that impact the two countries jointly.



  • Touro Law School, Central Islip, NY

Bar Admissions

  • New York 1996
  • U.S. District Court
  • Eastern District of New York

Recent Case Results

$6.7 Million- Verdict for a 34 year old man who was working at a construction project in the Brooklyn Marine Terminal. He fell while working on scaffolding and suffered spinal and neck injuries because of the unsafe working conditions and defective equipment. The jury awarded him money for his pain and suffering, his lost wages, and his necessary medical treatment.

$4.75 Million- Lipsig Law Firm Partner Charles E. Wisell secured a $4.750 million Settlement for our client, a 39-year old plumber, injured due to unsafe work conditions at a construction site. The building owner provided our client a ladder that was unsafe for use. Our client was working on the ladder when it twisted and collapsed. The Lipsig law firm proved that defendants violated the safety requirements of New York’s Labor Law.

Our hard-working Lipsig law firm client suffered neck, back, knees and shoulder injuries. He needed spine surgery to his neck and back and operations on both knees. We were able to obtain a $4,750,000 settlement for our client that will help him to deal with his injuries and economic losses.

$4.5 Million- obtained a settlement after a jury was selected for our client who fell 15 feet when a ladder slipped out during construction work. Our client suffered injuries to both of his heels and needed surgery to both lower legs.

$2.5 Million- The owner of a large commercial structure failed to provide Local 78 asbestos workers with proper safety equipment causing a worker to fall from a height. The worker suffered a back injury that required surgery.

$2.3 Million- A plumbing company employee travelling at an unsafe speed in a company vehicle struck a 68 year old news cameraman’s vehicle in the rear causing him to suffer a neck injury that required surgery.

$2.25 Million- 32 year old undocumented construction worker who fell between floors at work and injured his knee and lower back.

$1.75 Million- 36 year old undocumented construction worker who fell from a ladder and injured his lower back and fractured his wrist.

$1.35 Million- An apartment building owner failed to provide workers on the job site with proper fall equipment causing a welder to fall 10 feet and suffer a wrist fracture that required surgery.

$1,000,000.00- Settlement during trial against The City of New York for a 64 year old construction worker who suffered a fractured leg when an unsecured panel fell upon him.

$800,000.00- 26 year old construction worker who fell off a scaffold while performing masonry work and dislocated his ankle.

$750,000.00- Arbitration award for a 45 year old male who suffered a cervical injury in a motor vehicle accident that required surgery.

$550,000.00- 24 year old undocumented construction worker who fell off a ladder at work while painting and fractured his wrist.

$500,000.00- 28 year old cell phone repairman struck by a newspaper delivery truck and suffered shoulder and knee injury requiring micro surgeries.

$500.000.00- 22 year old undocumented nanny struck by a car while riding a bicycle in Queens and suffered a fractured leg

$383,000.00- 39 year old undocumented cook who was knocked off his bicycle and suffered a knee injury requiring micro surgery

$250,000.00- 86 year old retired homemaker who slipped on ice and suffered a hip fracture.

$240,000.00- 26 year old trade show model who slipped and fell on water in a hotel and sustained a minor facial laceration


  • July 13, 2019 – A Honduran immigrant was working on a construction site when he fell from the roof of the building and broke his leg. His co-workers said he had not seen anything and his employer refused to compensate him, so he turned to a lawyer to file a lawsuit in court in New York, United States.

  • February 2, 2018 – A woman who was seriously injured after a tragic accident has finally found legal representation for her case. The accident occurred in June 2017 when the young mother of two was struck by a hit-and-run driver in Queens, NY.

The police investigation ended on February 2 without suspects and now the victim is worried that the driver will not be held responsible for the accident. Fortunately, attorney Charles Wisell of the law firm of Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman has decided to take the case to investigate the possibility of bias in the police investigation and finally obtain justice for his client.