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When Construction Equipment Fails, Injured Workers Can Often Sue

November 20 2019

Construction job sites have come a long way over the past 50 years. No longer does equipment consist of only hammer and nails, along with a few table saws. Today, construction workers must use powerful electrical tools, many of which are inherently dangerous. Construction workers need specialized safety equipment to minimize the risk of injuries and frequently require proper training on how to use the equipment.

When construction equipment fails, many workers can suffer serious injuries. They should reach out to a Brooklyn construction accident attorney to review their case. They might have a legal claim that entitles them to compensation.

Equipment on Construction Sites

Some of the equipment we see on the typical job site includes:

Few construction workers will use all of this equipment. However, any number of pieces of equipment can be dangerous and can end up injuring a worker.

How Construction Equipment Can Fail

Most equipment should work as expected. When an accident occurs, it might be because the person operating the equipment has been negligent.

But some equipment fails even when it is being used properly. There are many reasons why:

Regardless of how you are hurt, you should meet with an attorney. In some cases, a construction worker can bring a case against the manufacturer of the equipment or against the entity responsible for performing maintenance.

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