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Posting About Your Work Accident is Not a Good Idea

July 2019

In recent years, when something happens in our lives, it seems like many people immediately turn to social media. Some people use Facebook, Twitter, and more online platforms to inform their friends and family of important news, while others simply want to gripe. In either situation, it is never a good idea to post anything on social media regarding a workplace accident and injuries.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Investigations

Workers’ compensation insurance companies have the primary goal of making profits. This requires them to limit the benefits they pay out to claimants whenever possible. Even if you suffered a job-related injury and filed a proper claim, you can expect the insurance company to look into the details of your claim before it agrees to cover anything.

Insurance companies often have adjusters or other employees who investigate whether your claim contains accurate information. For example, if you claim you need certain medical treatment, they will want to check your medical records and physician recommendations before they approve those medical costs. Insurance investigators also often check the social media sites of claimants to see if there is any indication that an injury is not as severe as the claim alleges.

Possibly Harmful Social Media Posts

There are many ways that your online posts can give an insurer reason to challenge your claim. Some examples are as follows:

Posting about how the injury happened - If you are informing your social network about your injury, you may decide to go into the details of how the accident occurred. In some cases, small details may differ from what the workplace accident report says, and the insurance company may question how the injury truly came about.

Photos and check-ins - If you are posting photos of yourself out and about or regularly checking in to restaurants or other activities around New York City, the workers’ compensation insurer will be unlikely to provide wage replacement benefits if you claim you cannot work. Even if you post older photos, they can be mistaken for recent ones, and it can result in delays.

Insurance companies may deny claims or decrease existing benefits based on what they find online. Even if the denial was in error, it can delay the benefits you need to cover your medical expenses and lost wages. In addition, even if you think all of your accounts are private, there are surprising ways that others can access your information. It is always wiser to simply avoid posting anything while you have a pending claim.

Contact a New York City Construction Accident Attorney Right Away

During a workers’ compensation claim, even small mistakes can hinder your ability to receive the benefits you deserve after a work injury. The NYC workers’ compensation lawyers at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, P.C. advise our clients on what to do and not to do after an injury to best protect their rights. We can help with every step of your workplace injury claim, so please call 917-268-0344 or contact us online for a free consultation today.