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New York City Crosswalk Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

NYC Personal Injury Attorneys Helping Injured Pedestrians Recover Compensation

Pedestrians can suffer very serious and traumatic injuries when a motor vehicle collides with them at an intersection crosswalk. Motor vehicles weigh many times the size of a pedestrian, and when a pedestrian strikes the ground in a collision, he or she could suffer a traumatic injury to the head, neck, back, or other body part. Potential injuries sustained in these pedestrian accidents can include bone fractures, spinal cord damage, paralysis, concussions, or death.

In some instances, an injured pedestrian might be able to hold an at-fault motor vehicle driver accountable for the accident, as well as for any significant or permanent injuries suffered.

A New York City crosswalk pedestrian accident attorney at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, P.C. could help you determine your legal rights and assist you with a making a personal injury insurance claim or filing a lawsuit for the damages to which you are entitled.

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How do Pedestrian Crosswalk Accidents Occur?

Pedestrian accidents that occur in crosswalks sometimes happen because of motor vehicle driver negligence. Common causes of pedestrian crosswalk accidents include:

Running red lights — When a motor vehicle driver allows his or her vehicle to enter a traffic intersection on a red light and consequently strikes a pedestrian, serious injuries could result.

Distracted driving — When motor vehicle drivers are paying too much attention to their cell phones and GPS devices rather than the road – especially near a traffic intersection – it is extremely easy for them to miss a pedestrian who is lawfully present at an intersection crosswalk.

Drunk driving — When an individual chooses to operate his or her vehicle while intoxicated, that individual is more apt to drive in a careless manner — and to strike pedestrians in or around a traffic intersection.

Can a Pedestrian be at Fault or Contribute to an Accident?

In some instances, pedestrians may cause or contribute to an intersection crosswalk accident. A pedestrian, for example, could enter a crosswalk at the wrong time or step outside the lines of the crosswalk, contributing to the collision. When pedestrians are negligent, their potential recovery in an accident could be reduced by the percentage of their negligence.

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Pedestrian accidents can lead to debilitating and lifelong injuries for involved accident victims. If you have suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident, call the skilled legal team at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, P.C. for help pursuing a claim or lawsuit for personal injuries and damages. To schedule a free consultation or case evaluation with a New York City crosswalk pedestrian accident lawyer, please call us today at 212-285-3300, or contact us online.