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New York City Construction Accident Report: August 22, 2018

If you only look around New York City you can see that there is always construction going on. The construction industry is booming in NYC with buildings constantly being built and renovated. Unfortunately, the construction business is also one of the most dangerous industries to be employed in. Each week there are several reports of injuries or fatalities due to a construction accident affecting the workers and families of those that work to make our city great. It is a problem that we are working to make better through stricter laws and regulations. Our August NYC construction accident report takes a closer look at some recent construction accidents from throughout the city.

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Fatal Scaffolding Accident In Upper Manhattan

Last month, six construction workers were working on the exterior of a 13 story building on Riverside Drive. The 28-year-old worker who was on a landing of the building doing work was hit in the head by a falling beam of scaffolding that was being taken down by coworkers above him on the roof. The Staten Island resident was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The building already had 5 prior construction violations that have since been resolved. The accident is being investigated by officials from the NYC Department of Buildings.

Construction Worker Injured At World Trade Center

On Thursday, August 2, a worker was injured on the job at 3 World Trade Center. The worker suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to New York Presbyterian’s  Lower Manhattan Hospital for treatment. The worker was dismantling a wall made of sheetrock and plywood when he injured his leg. There was an initial report made that stated that a wall collapsed which was proven to be incorrect.

Freak Construction Accident In Staten Island Results In Worker Death

On Friday, August 10, a freak construction accident occurred at a Staten Island construction site leaving one worker dead. Around 11 am a 50-year-old construction worker was working at an elevated position while using a heavy duty saw when he fell. As he fell the saw fell with him and he landed with the blade at his throat. The man was bleeding heavily and 911 was called. He was rushed to Staten Island Hospital North for treatment but he did not survive the accident and was pronounced dead at the hospital.