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Uprooted tree
18 August 2017

New York Accident Report Roundup- August, 18 2017

This week’s New York accidents include a tree that toppled over and injured a mom of three in Central Park, as well as a construction worker who passed out on an unstable work site.

Uprooted tree

Accidents In And Around Manhattan

88-Year-Old Woman Seriously Injured In Tribeca Truck Accident

An 88-year-old woman was seriously injured in Tribeca after she was struck by a truck attempting a left turn. The woman was crossing Franklin St. at Church St. in the afternoon when a red dump truck struck her. The dump truck was going east on Franklin and made a left turn to go north on Church.

The elderly woman was struck close to a small median. According to the police, the accident left her with a serious leg injury and other trauma. She was transported to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition.

The truck driver remained on the scene of the accident and no arrests were immediately made when the accident happened on Wednesday, August 16, 2017.

Construction Worker Critically Injured In Box Truck Accident

On Monday afternoon, August 14, 2017 a construction worker was struck and critically injured by a box truck in Coram, NY.

The accident happened when the construction worker was holding a sign to slow or stop traffic on the east-side of northbound Route 112 where construction was underway. A 2000 Isuzu box truck heading south drifted towards the right and crashed into the construction worker.

The worker was taken to Stony Brook University Hospital in critical condition. The driver of the truck did not suffer any injuries and an investigation is underway.

Construction Worker Passes Out Trying To Reach A Spot On A Worksite

A construction worker passed out at a Manhattan construction site on Monday, 14 August, 2017. The man collapsed in a spot that has been described as hard-to-reach which forced firefighters to use a tower ladder to rescue him.

The worker collapsed around 9 a.m. at 348 W. 14th St. near Hudson St. in the West Village area. According to officials, the man needed to be brought down from the upper floors with the assistance of the FNDY tower ladder. The FDNY was concerned about the building’s stability, hence they used the tower ladder.

The FDNY Battalion Chief stated that the condition of the building was a consideration in the method they used to rescue the collapsed construction worker.

He was transported to the Bellevue Hospital with unspecified minor injuries. It is not clear if an investigation is underway considering the concern towards the state of the building, which would raise alarm towards work site conditions.

Mom Of Three Knocked Out In Central Park By A Huge Tree

A mom of three kids was knocked unconscious by a huge tree in Central Park on Tuesday morning August 15, 2017.

According to witnesses and police officials, the tree accident happened very quickly while the mom had an infant in a carrier and was also pushing a double stroller with two other kids inside. Thankfully, the three children involved in the tree accident were mostly unharmed and were taken to a nearby hospital close to 62nd Street and West Drive. However, fire officials stated the mother was in critical condition.

The mother was pinned under the tree for nearly 10 minutes and was reportedly going in and out of consciousness when she was transported to the hospital. Authorities stated that she had tried to shield her children from the tree’s impact.

Park officials mobilized crews to clear the debris but, it is not clear what led to the tree falling. The park accident is under investigation. The tree was reportedly at least 75-feet tall with a trunk that was at least three feet in diameter.

An accident such as this one would bring into question how well the tree was maintained. Furthermore, because there were no immediate factors such as wind or rain that could have led to the tree suddenly toppling over, more information from the Central Park Conservancy is necessary.

The director of NYC Park Advocates stated that tree falls are rare and they will be inspecting what caused this one to fall using a GPS designation, to track any maintenance related factors.