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Pedestrian car hit
02 June 2017

Manhattan, NY June 2, 2017 Accident Round-Up

A man jumped onto a dump-truck without the driver’s knowledge in Midtown Manhattan. This is one of the accidents that took place in Manhattan.Below is a round-up of car accidents that recently happened in Manhattan as well as some in the Greater New York area.

Pedestrian car hit

Cyclist Dies Ten Days After Being Hit In Manhattan

A 74-year-old bicyclist was doored by a car passenger in the Flatiron District and recently died 10 days after the incident took place.

The victim was cycling east in the bike lane on E. 20th St. between Broadway and Park Avenue South when a 2016 Toyota Camry pulled over and blocked the lane. A passenger in the Camry opened the rear door without checking for oncoming cyclists, according to police reports.

This sudden rear door opening did not leave enough time for the cyclist to go around the car. She slammed into the door, causing her to fall to the pavement in front of another vehicle. It was not immediately clear if the car she slammed into hit her in the crash.

Medics took the crash victim to Bellevue Hospital, where she later died. The driver of the Camry was given a summons for letting a passenger out of the car in a bike lane.

Lower Manhattan Crash Leaves Cab Driver Dead

A cab driver was killed in a crash near the World Trade Center on May 11, 2017. The 76-year-old taxi driver was rushed to Bellevue Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Authorities state that the woman was driving north down South End Avenue when she hit a metal barrier on the sidewalk near Liberty Street. It is believed that there were no other people or vehicles involved in the crash. It is not quite clear what the cause of the accident was.

Hit-And-Run Driver Seriously Injures A 37-Year-Old Mother

A 37-year-old mother was severely injured following a hit-and-run accident by a driver who crashed into her. She was struck as she was removing her nephew from a car on Staten Island on May 29, 2017.

The woman had just parked her Ford Explorer on Westervelt Avenue near Hendricks Avenue in St. George when she was plowed into by another driver in the early hours of the morning.

Police stated that an out-of-control Jeep Cherokee hit the 37-year-old woman as she was standing next to her car door as she took her nephew out of his car seat. This accident left the woman with serious injuries to her legs and she was rushed to Richmond University Medical Center. She was listed in stable condition.

Police got the SUV license plate at the scene as well as the car’s front bumper.

Dump-Truck Kills Man In Midtown Manhattan

A senior driver in a hard-top convertible Lexus with New York license plate details crashed through a large window of Silks Country Kitchen in Virgil. This crash left large chunks of glass on nearby tables tops.

Two men sitting closest to the window that got hit were fortunately not seriously injured according to firefighters at the scene of the accident. They were transported by ambulance to the hospital.

The driver of the car also sustained minor injuries but, she refused to go to hospital. The crash took place at a time when it was not too busy and there were not a lot of customers in the restaurant. However, there was lots of glass that flew in the dining area.

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