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Brooklyn Negligent Security Attorneys

Have You Been Violently Attacked? Our Negligent Security Lawyers in Brooklyn are Here to Help

Violent crime is a fact of life in Brooklyn, as it is around the city. Though crime rates have fallen for decades, this does not mean that thousands of people are not assaulted, many of them permanently scarred.

Under New York law, property owners have a duty to provide adequate security to protect their tenants and visitors. This is a serious duty because insufficient security can draw criminals and imperil innocent victims. If you or a loved one were injured in an attack, you might be able to bring a legal claim. Contact our Brooklyn negligent security attorneys today for a free consultation.

Businesses That Must Provide Adequate Security

No business guarantees that a person will never be hurt on their premises. The law does not require a guarantee, either. However, the law does impose a duty to take reasonable steps to provide for a safe environment.

Our firm has helped many people injured in:

Adequate Security is Fact Specific

Although the law requires that property owners provide adequate security, there are few “black and white” rules in this area of law. Instead, everything depends on the individual circumstances. This is why meeting with a Brooklyn negligent security attorney is such a benefit. The lawyer can determine whether you have a strong claim based on the facts you know.

The amount and type of security required depends on different factors, such as:

How our Brooklyn Negligent Security Attorneys Can Help You

Our lawyers have handled many negligent security claims and can build a case for compensation. Many businesses try to point the finger at other people to avoid legal liability. We will ensure that the focus always remains on the business and its security choices.

Some cases are easier to bring than others. An apartment that lacks working locks on the door is clearly lacking adequate security. Other cases pose closer questions. For example, just how much security should a small store provide? Do they need to hire security guards to patrol their building and nearby parking lots?

We understand this area of law intimately and will use our knowledge to our clients’ benefit in negotiations and litigation.

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