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By most measures, the number of hit and run accidents in Brooklyn only seems to be increasing. Weekly, our newspaper brings stories of people struck and sometimes killed by drivers who do not stop to help. These accidents are shocking in their frequency.

Numerous state laws require that motorists stop and render assistance after striking a vehicle, but too many motorists decide to flee the scene instead. Fortunately, legal help is available for the victims of these serious accidents.

If you were injured in a collision, our Brooklyn hit & run accident lawyers will discuss your options with you. Obtaining fair compensation is sometimes challenging, but we know how to help.

Who Pays for a Hit and Run Accident?

Under New York law, the driver who struck you should pay compensation if at fault. However, the driver has fled, so you cannot file a claim with this person’s insurer or name them as the defendant in a lawsuit

Fortunately, our injured clients have options. For one, all motorists should have personal injury protection benefits, called PIP. New York requires that motorists carry at least $50,000 in PIP coverage. Some might have more. Even if you don’t have PIP, you might live with a family member who does, and you can often file a claim under their policy.

PIP benefits are no-fault and will cover a hit and run. Still, $50,000 won’t cover all the losses some of our clients have suffered.

If you have Uninsured Motorist coverage, you can also tap that following a hit and run accident to cover your medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Uninsured motorist coverage is required in New York and should be in an amount equal to your bodily injury liability coverage.

If a victim has no insurance, then they might file a claim with the Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corporation. Our Brooklyn hit and run accident attorneys can explain this process and help.

How Do You Find the Driver?

The police have an incentive to catch a motorist who hits someone and then flees. After all, this person has committed a crime. If you or someone else has been physically injured, the offender could face a felony charge, should the state choose to prosecute.

Finding the driver can also help your legal claim. Our clients can make a claim on this driver’s insurer or sue them in court. These options increase the amount of compensation an accident victim can receive following a crash.

We recommend that motorists do the following:

  • Write down what you know about the driver, such as gender and race.
  • Write down details about the car, such as where it was headed, its make and model, as well as the license plate number (or as much as you saw).
  • Call the police to report the accident as soon as possible and share the details you know.

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