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Each year, over 1 million people receive a burn injury that requires medical attention. These injuries can happen at work, in the home, and on the road. Many burn victims find themselves in the hospital, fighting for their lives. Even when a burn is not fatal, it can lead to significant disability and disfigurement. Victims who are burned due to someone else’s wrongful conduct are deserving of compensation.

Complications from Burn Injuries

A small burn might not seem like a major injury, but there are many complications that can develop. For example, a burn can become infected, which can eventually enter the bloodstream. Burn victims must carefully watch their burn and go to the hospital if they notice redness, a foul odor, or pus draining from the wound. A doctor can prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection.

Other burn injuries require skin grafts, which can be complicated. Even the best grafts often leave scarring and other embarrassing injuries.

When a burn covers a joint, then a person can become disabled. Surgery might be required to loosen the skin contractures to allow free range of motion. Many burn victims need physical therapy to relearn how to use burned limbs.

Deep, devastating burns that have damaged bones and nerves can lead to amputation of the affected limb. And in many burn accidents, victims suffer from a powerful emotional toll as they fear for their future and develop depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders.

Receiving Compensation for Your Burn

A victim can receive compensation when someone else is to blame for the injury. Some common situations involve:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, where a motorist is burned by battery acid or by a gasoline fire.
  • Defective products, which can catch on fire or explode in a consumer’s face.
  • Work accidents, especially where a person works with highly flammable materials.
  • Electrocution caused by defective wiring or hazardous products.

Building a case for compensation requires meeting with an experienced Brooklyn burn injury attorney to review the minutes leading up to the accident. If you were burned by a defective product, for example, you should hold onto it. Don’t throw it away until an attorney has inspected it to identify the defect in design or manufacture.

Questions can also arise as to whether our clients have used a product properly. A product is not defective when it was misused, and this is often a defense that manufacturers raise when trying to defend against a claim.

Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman Provides Legal Help for Brooklyn Burn Injuries

Whether you were injured in public or at home, please contact our law firm today to start a case evaluation. Our attorneys have obtained many favorable settlements for burn injury victims. We work on contingency, meaning that our clients do not pay any legal fees upfront and only pay if we win their case.

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