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Bronx Explosion Accident Lawyers

Explosions are unpredictable and can drastically change the lives of you and your loved ones. The lawyers at the Lipsig Firm understand that the time after an explosion can be devastating. We’re here to help you move forward and litigate with those responsible for the explosion accident.

If you’ve been involved in an explosion, the Bronx explosion accident lawyers are ready to help. As you and your family recover, let us help you with your legal rights. We’ll work to hold the responsible parties accountable so you can move forward after an explosion.

What Can Cause an Explosion in the Bronx?

The most common places explosions occur in the Bronx are on construction sites because of the electrical and mechanical equipment and the high-powered tools needed to complete the work. However, an explosion can happen anywhere in the city, including your home or place of work. Explosions in the Bronx happen for one of several reasons.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are extremely dangerous and often difficult to detect. They can lead to gasses building up in a concentrated area so that the smallest flame might cause an explosion, including a spark from static electricity.

There’s an added smell to natural gas. If you think you smell rotten eggs in your home or workplace, get everyone out of the building and call 911 to let them know of a potential gas leak.

Flammable Materials

If flammable materials are stored improperly, they are more likely to cause a fire or explosions. OSHA requires the secure storage of flammable materials on a job site when not in use. Flammable materials on a construction site might include barrels of gasoline or kerosene.

You might also have some flammable materials in your home. Lighter fluid, gasoline, propane, and rubbing alcohol, among other common products, are all considered flammable materials. Make sure to store these in places away from sunlight and far from stoves, boilers, or water heaters.


Electricity from an arc flash can vaporize metal, leading to an explosion. Poorly grounded or old outlets can also be the culprit for electrical explosions.

Mechanical Sparks

Tools like grinders, saws, welding tools, and other high-powered equipment give off mechanical sparks. These sparks, when combined with the construction dust in the air, can produce enough of a reaction to create an explosion. While this is a common cause of workplace accidents, it’s also the reason why adequate ventilation when working on projects around your home is so important.

Other reasons for explosions might include highly pressurized and heated materials, like a malfunctioning boiler or water heater, or explosions from chemical leaks.

What Sorts of Injuries Can I Sustain From an Explosion?

Injuries from explosions cover a range of severity. An explosion pushes dust and debris outward, creating a blast radius. Anyone in that radius might sustain injuries.

  • Internal injuries are very common near the blast center. They can also include lung injuries from breathing in explosive fumes, chemicals, or dust.
  • Traumatic brain injuries, including concussions, can happen from being immediately near the center of the blast. Because of the force of the explosion itself, TBIs might also occur if the person was hit by debris or thrown from the radius of the blast.
  • Penetrating injuries from pieces of debris radiating from the explosion can cause severe injuries to large muscle groups, eyes, or major organs.
  • Broken bones can result from a person getting thrown by the force of the explosion, or from someone getting hit with falling debris.
  • Burns that cover some or most of the body are common explosion wounds and can be extremely difficult to heal from. Burns can also lead to scarring.

Due to the seriousness of the above injuries, death can result from explosion accidents. The Bronx explosion accident lawyers are prepared to bring forward a wrongful death suit for you or your family, if necessary.

Long-term Explosion Accident Injuries

Some of the injuries stated above, like loss of limbs or crushed bones, may be permanent. However, there are some other injuries from explosion accidents that may not present immediately but may worsen over time, including:

  • Asthma, which may be new or worsen
  • Angina, or chest pain
  • COPD from breathing the explosive materials
  • PTSD from experiencing the explosion or from resulting injuries
  • Loss of or decreased mobility from damage to the spinal cord

The Lipsig Firm is aware of the catastrophic nature of explosive injuries and the way they can change your life. We are dedicated to your case and to holding the right people responsible.

What Happens After an Explosion?

The number one priority after an explosion is to seek medical attention at a hospital. If you can, call 911. Even if you don’t feel like you have any injuries, you’ll want to be checked out by a medical professional because internal injuries are hard to detect and can be deadly if left unattended.

After you’ve been helped at the hospital, call the Lipsig Firm so that we can start on your case. We take explosion accidents very seriously.  We find out who is at fault, and have won millions of dollars for clients injured in explosion accidents due to negligent behavior and unsafe working conditions.

The Cost of Explosions Injuries

Explosion injuries can fall under the category of catastrophic, or life-changing, injuries. This means that the injuries you sustain may not heal fully, and may prevent you from finding or maintaining work or otherwise disrupting your daily life. Because of this, the Bronx explosion accident lawyers at the Lipsig Firm work to settle for compensation that helps you now and in the future.

Contact the Lipsig Firm if You’ve Been Involved in an Explosion

We know that explosions can severely change your life and the lives of those around you. We’re here to help if you’ve experienced this drastic change. If you or a loved one has been injured in an explosion, contact the Bronx explosion accident lawyers at the Lipsig Firm.

We offer a free consultation for your case. Call us at 212-285-3300 to set up your initial meeting. You can also reach out to us online. Call us today with your questions about explosion accidents.


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