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Bronx Construction Worker Killed after Building Collapse

November 1 2019

A building collapse in the Bronx has raised concerns in the community about the safety of new construction. According to CBS New York, the collapse occurred in the Norwood section of the Bronx, at 94E. 208th Street. This is not the first building to collapse in New York City, and it won’t be the last. If you are a construction worker who has been injured in a building collapse, contact us today.

Third Floor Caves In

The building was supposed to a four-story residential building that houses 8 units. The building collapse occurred when the third floor gave way, trapping workers on the second. One was apparently killed when the rubble fell on him. Firefighters on the scene reported that they had to dig through the rubble to find the missing worker. The FDNY was worried about the building collapsing on them during the rescue effort but were able to put struts in place to keep the walls upright.

The New York Post has identified the killed construction worker as Segundo Huerta. Mr. Huerta was from Ecuador and had lived in the US for almost 2 decades. He had worked for Pioneer General Construction Co. for about 15 years.

In addition to the fatality, five other people suffered non-fatal injuries at the scene. At the time of the accident, the construction company in charge of the project had no comment. The Department of Buildings has launched an investigation into the project to identify why the floor caved in.

According to witnesses, Mr. Huerta was carrying materials from the second floor up to the third and had complained that they were too heavy. The third floor collapsed shortly thereafter. If the witness accounts are true, this raises the possibility that safety violations led to the accident.

Why Buildings Collapse

The building in the Bronx was in the process of being constructed. However, other buildings collapse after they have been fully built. There are many reasons why buildings collapse, and identifying the reason goes a long way to determining who you can sue if you were hurt.

Depending on the facts of the collapse, a victim might be able to sue the building engineer, contractor, landlord, or demolition company for compensation. If an employee is injured during a collapse, they might also qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

Speak to a Construction Accidents Attorney in the Bronx

Building collapses are thankfully rare occurrences. However, if you were injured in one, contact Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman today.

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