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What to Know About Common Construction Accidents in New York

October 26, 2021
people in construction site

The construction industry remains to be the most hazardous industry in the U.S., where workers face a wide variety of health and safety risks daily. According to the NY Department of Buildings (DOB) latest Construction Safety Report, there were 485 construction accidents that resulted in injuries and deaths in 2020. Also, there were 24 construction worker deaths in NYC last reported in 2019, based on Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data.

No construction site is ever the same, and regardless of experience, construction workers are used to facing new safety obstacles with every new construction site they work on. It’s common for construction workers to work with heavy equipment and at elevated heights.

Likewise, most construction workers only work on a short-term basis and may work on different tasks from one job site to another job site, encountering unfamiliar working conditions and construction equipment. All these increases the risk of construction workers suffering from various construction accidents, such as:

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When construction workers suffer on-the-job injuries, aside from negatively affecting their health and income, it also poses various challenges for their families. Serious construction accident injuries could result in costly medical expenses and lost earnings if the worker’s injuries keep them from working.

Stories of injured construction workers and deaths consistently populate the news. This highlights the need for the state to proactively create and enforce proper protections for all construction workers and impose stricter penalties for parties who violate construction safety rules.

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