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America’s Parking Lot Scores High in Terms of Danger

March 24 2021
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There is a section of the Cross Bronx Expressway – often lovingly referred to as America’s Parking Lot – that Go Safe Labs has deemed one of the most dangerous roadways in the nation. If you're at all familiar with this particular stretch of road – the part of I-95 that spans from the George Washington Bridge to what we call the Cross Bronx Expressway – you likely equate it with lots and lots of fender benders (on a good day), but unfortunately, there’s more to it than that. If another motorist leaves you injured on the Cross Bronx Expressway – or anywhere else in the NYC area – reach out to an experienced New York City car accident attorney for the professional legal counsel you need.

Crunching the Numbers

The Go Safe report shares the following dire statistics on several surprisingly dangerous areas of road (that we find ourselves traveling on so often):

All told, NYC manages to fill 3 of the top 10 driving danger zones in the United States. Finally, Go Safe’s investigations reveal that traffic accidents increased by nearly 7 percent overall – across the nation – in 2019 (as compared to 2018). 

Your Car Accident Claim

If you’ve been injured by another motorist’s negligence, your claim will be unique to the circumstances involved, but the basics will align with the following:

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