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Construction Workers Are at a High Risk for Traumatic Brain Injuries

25 Apr 2019

Each day construction workers head to work, they are exposed to a risk of sustaining serious injuries, including potentially life-changing traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). These injuries can disrupt the way the brain normally functions and can affect victims for months or even years. In the most severe cases, victims can actually develop long-term disabilities that can prevent them from working or even living independently.

The nature of construction work means that construction workers are at a particularly high risk of sustaining a work-related TBI. Some examples of the kinds of accidents that can cause TBIs include:

It’s Critical for Construction Workers to Protect Their Rights after a Serious Head Injury

Traumatic brain injuries often leave victims with serious economic and non-economic losses, so it’s critical that victims do everything they can to protect their legal rights. Here are some of the things you should do after sustaining a head injury at work:

Should You File a Workers’ Compensation or a Personal Injury Claim?

After a head injury sustained at work, you may be wondering whether you should file a personal injury or a workers’ compensation claim. In most cases, workers’ compensation is the exclusive remedy for injured workers. Workers’ compensation provides injured employees with benefits on a no-fault basis but prevents workers from suing their employers for negligence. There are some situations, however, where you may be able to sue after sustaining a traumatic brain injury at work. These include:

Whether you’re filing a personal injury workers’ compensation claim, it’s important that you retain an experience NYC construction accident lawyer to protect your rights.

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If you or a family member has sustained a traumatic brain injury or any other type of injury in a construction accident , it’s imperative that you retain legal counsel as soon as you can. In many cases, TBI victims are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits or other compensation for their accident-related losses. To schedule a free case evaluation with a construction accident lawyer in New York City, call our office today at 917-261-3488 or contact us online.