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07 July 2015

Work Injury Lawyers: 3 Types of Construction Accidents In NYC

Construction work is among the most dangerous types of work in America and this is especially true in New York City where development never seems to end.

Heavy machines, dangerous equipment and elevated work areas are just a few of the hazards faced by construction workers in New York City each day.

Unfortunately, the inherent dangers involved in the construction industry often lead to serious accidents which can result in injury or death.

In fact, the construction industry has consistently ranked at or near the top of the list when it comes to workplace injuries and fatalities in America.

3 Common Construction Accidents In New York City

Construction workers are at risk of a countless number of different workplace accidents on any given day. However, there are some accidents which occur more than others.

Knowing the most common types of accidents can help workers to be proactive in safety efforts and can help to avoid injuries.

Below are some of the most common types of accidents that occur on job sites in New York City.

1.) Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents

Slip, trip and fall accidents are among the most common types of construction accidents.

Slip, trip and fall accidents are responsible for most workplace accidents and worker injuries in the United States.

Additionally, slip, trip and fall accidents account for approximately 1 in every 8 all fatal accidents in the United States.

Furthermore, these accidents were responsible for 669 worker fatalities in 2013, according to the most recent data from the the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Some of the most common causes of slip, trip and fall accidents on construction sites include:

  • Wet or Slippery Floors
  • Hazardous Objects
  • Unfinished Flooring or Walls
  • Unmarked Changes in Walking Surfaces
  • Uneven Staircases
  • Broken Ladders

Slip and fall accidents are especially dangerous in the construction industry due to unique working conditions. Elevated heights can turn what would be a typical slip or trip accident into a fatal fall.

2.) Struck By Falling Object or Heavy Equipment

Another common type of accident that occurs on New York are those which involve being struck  by a falling object or by some other potentially dangerous equipment on a work site.

Construction workers who are performing work on lower levels of a job site are often struck with tools or equipment that fall from higher work levels. That is why it is so important to wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) whenever you are on a construction site.

In addition to being struck by falling objects, construction workers are often struck by heavy machinery such as excavators, cranes or forklifts. These large machines can result in very serious accidents and can hurt.

3.) Scaffolding Accidents

Scaffold accidents occur frequently on New York City job sites due to the sheer number of construction workers on performing work on scaffolding.

Some estimates suggest that approximately 65% of all workers in the construction industry perform some type of work on scaffolding.

A few of the most common causes of scaffold accidents include inadequate support, falling objects, slips / trips and lack of fall protection.

Utilizing fall protection and other necessary safety equipment is very important when working on a scaffold structure. For more information on scaffold safety in the construction industry visit this guide by OSHA here.

Can I Sue For A Construction Accident?

When a workplace accident occurs in New York, injured victims are automatically entitled to receive workers’ compensation regardless of what caused the accident which led to their injury.

That said, construction accident victims often assume that the only type of financial recovery that they can seek is workers’ compensation. However, this is not always the case and there are certain scenarios in which a worker can sue after being injured in a construction accident.

While workers’ compensation typically prevents a worker from suing his or her employer for workplace injuries, it is possible to sue third parties such as contractors, product manufacturers or other workers for damages incurred due to negligence.

Understanding your rights and legal options after a construction accident can be very important if one wishes to recover compensation or financial support for medical expenses, lost income and injuries.

There are certain laws which are unique to New York including the “Scaffold Law,” and are intended to provide protection for injured construction workers.

NYC Construction Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one have been injured in a construction accident you are likely concerned about paying costly medical bills and other expenses incurred as a result of your injury.

You should know that the law is on your side. All New York workers who are injured in the course of work are entitled to workers’ compensation. Additionally, it is often possible to recover compensation in a personal injury or defective product liability case.

Contact Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, P.C. today for a free consultation. We have been helping injured construction workers in New York City for decades.

We want to hear about your case and help you obtain any compensation that you may be owed.