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04 January 2018

UPDATE: Kim M Jones Killed In Car Accident After Being Hit By Vehicle On Busy Route 73 Highway in Maple Shade


Freeway Collision leaves One Dead: Kim M Jones Killed In Car Accident After Being Hit By Vehicle On Busy Route 73 Highway and Waverly Avenue in Maple Shade

Kim Jones Died After Being Hit By Southbound Car On Route 73 Freeway; Fatal Car Accident Remains Under Investigation 

MAPLE SHADE, NEW JERSEY (January 3, 2018) – A 57-year-old woman from Camden was tragically killed after being hit by a car on the Route 73 Highway in Maple Shade.

Maple Shade police have been able to identify the pedestrian that was killed in the freeway accident as Kim M Jones.

There is a lot of pedestrian traffic in the area where the fatal collision with Kim Jones took place. And there are also a history of fatal accidents on Route 73. Just two months ago a 27-year-old was killed trying to cross the same stretch of road.

Firefighters and paramedics rushed to the scene of the car accident in order to treat Kim Jones for her injuries. Tragically she was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash by Route 73 and Waverly Avenue.

An investigation into the accident that killed Kim Jones in Maple Shade remains ongoing.


Generally speaking, cities have a responsibility to design and create roads that are reasonably safe for drivers as well as pedestrians. If there is a dangerous condition on a public road and that causes an accident, they city responsible for the road may be liable. Moreover, if a roadway has a history of accidents, that puts the city on notice that there may be underlying safety concerns that need to be addressed. If the city fails to take action and there is another accident, they may bear civil liability for that accident.

Our staff at Lipsig Lawyers were deeply saddened to learn about the fatal car accident that killed Kim Jones in Maple Shade. We extend our thoughts and prayers to the victim’s family as they are going through such an incredibly difficult time. We encourage anyone that may have seen what happened to contact the Maple Shade police department for the sake of all of those that have been affected. The city should take notice of the history of accidents in this area and take corrective measures before more pedestrians are killed or seriously injured.

If you or someone that you love has been injured or killed in a car accident on Route 73 in Maple Shade, you may have legal recourse. Our team of highly experienced personal injury attorneys are here to help in any way that we can. Whether you just have questions about your rights or are looking to hire an attorney, you’re always welcome to reach out to us if you need help (646) 846-4496.