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Subway cars arriving at station
27 May 2011

NYC Subway Accident Attorney, Alan Shapey, Receives $10 Million Verdict

Our client and Lipsig partner attorney, Alan Shapey, together heard the long-awaited verdict of a three-week jury trial involving injuries caused by a NYC subway train. Our client is the severely injured accident victim who suffered catastrophic injuries on when he was struck by a subway train.

Subway Accident Victim Finds Resolution

The case first began when our client was struck by an NYC subway train after falling onto the elevated train tracks in the Bronx. Our law firm began work shortly later and continues to represent the victim of these terrible injuries.

The case clearly put Mr. Shapey’s own trial attorney skills to the test, but through his courtroom legal work and our law firm’s use of intensive investigation and pre-trial discovery, he was able to get his client the verdict he deserved.

Proving Negligence In Court

The NYC Subway operator testified that she first saw something on the tracks only as she was already passing it and therefore claimed that she did not have time to stop. Luckily, the accident victim contacted Lipsig, a law firm that is widely known for its successful verdicts for its clients who have been injured in NYC subway accidents.

It was Shapey’s courtroom skills combined with the Lipsig law firm’s full support and abilities that ultimately led to the $10million verdict. He was able to obtain a copy of the radio and phone log between the train operator, the dispatchers, and other transit employees at the scene.

The log directly contradicted the train operator’s testimony.

The pivotal point in the trial was when Mr. Shapey played a tape recording of the operator’s voice demonstrating that within minutes of the NYC subway accident, she denied her train had struck Shapey’s client, even though we proved that she knew that he was alive and lying under the third car of her train and with severe injuries to both of his legs and one of his arms.

It was a hard-fought battle that ended in a great victory for our client and for Mr. Shapey, a Lipsig NYC subway accident attorney.