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01 January 2018

BEDFORD: Kerry Hamill Killed and Lauren Pellegrino Injured In Car Accident With Semi Truck at Icy Road On Interstate 684 Freeway

Bedford Fatal Big Rig Truck Accident: Kerry Hamill Killed and Lauren Pellegrino Injured In Car Accident With Semi Truck at Icy Road On Interstate 684 Freeway; Crash Under Investigation

Lauren Pellegrino Injured In Fatal Freeway Semi Truck Accident That Killed Kerry Hamill and Three Year Old Boy In Bedford New York

BEDFORD, NEW YORK (January 1, 2018) – A woman and a toddler were killed in a car accident after being rear-ended by a box truck on the Interstate 684 freeway in a crash that involved at least 4 other vehicles.

Bedford authorities have been able to identify the woman that was killed as Kerry Hamill and her wife that was injured as Lauren Pellegrino.

The car that Kerry Hamill and Lauren Pellegrino were driving in was stopped due to heavy traffic. A big rig truck coming from behind their car was unable to stop after it hit a patch of ice on the road before the accident.

The tractor trailer truck kept traveling until it hit Kerry Hamill and Lauren Pellegrino’s car along with several other vehicles.

Tragically, Kerry Hamill and her three year old son were killed in the collision. Lauren Pellegrino was able to survive the crash and treated at a nearby hospital for her injuries.

Authorities in Bedford, New York will continue to investigate the deadly crash involving the married couple.


Generally speaking, truck drivers have a responsibility to drive in a reasonably prudent manner according to the prevailing conditions of the road. When a truck driver fails to drive safely and causes an accident, the company that they work for may be held vicariously liable. In addition to driver negligence, there may also be municipal negligence on the part of a city responsible for a road if it is filled with dangerous ice patches. When there is a history of accidents on a certain stretch of road caused by icy conditions, that puts the city on notice that there may be potential safety issues that needs to be addressed. If city officials fail to take action and someone is killed or injured, the municipality responsible for the road may be liable.

Our staff at Lipsig Lawyers were deeply saddened to learn about the fatal truck accident on Interstate 684 in Bedford that killed Kerry Hamill, a 3-year-old boy and injured Lauren Pellegrino. We extend our thoughts and prayers to the victim’s and their family as they are going through such an incredibly difficult time. We encourage anyone that may have witnessed this crash to come forward and speak with the Bedford Police as they continue their investigation for the sake of all of those that have been affected. City officials should take notice of what happened and work hard to prevent any future accidents. It is completely unacceptable for there to be large ice patches on our public freeways. This puts everyone at risk and is an accident waiting to happen.